Building Partnerships with Architects and General Contractors Across Vermont, New england and Nationwide

At Goosewing Timberworks, we understand the importance of strong partnerships in delivering exceptional projects. Specializing in custom timber frame homes, barns, and commercial structures, we are dedicated to collaborating with architects and general contractors throughout Vermont, New England and the United States to bring their visions to life. As a timber frame subcontractor, Goosewing Timberworks is committed to building strong relationships with our partners in the design / build process. Whether we’re crafting a full structural frame or timber frame elements such as trusses, brackets or entryways, we take pride in ensuring that the timber frame scope of work adds value to each project and is seamlessly integrated from the design phase through fabrication and install. We take professional relationships seriously, and approach each new project as an opportunity to form (or deepen) a long-term partnership in which mutual benefit and repeat collaboration are the norm.

Why Collaborate with Goosewing Timberworks?

We have deep experience working in all phases of the construction process:

  • Architectural Vision: We work with architects and other designers, from early-stage conceptual brainstorming to detailed frame and joinery design. Our roots in historic preservation and our deep national and international experience means that we are familiar with a broad range of timber frame styles, and can bring this diverse stylistic palette to the creative process.

  • Technical Expertise: We work with designers and general contractors to ensure an elegant interaction between the timber frame and the rest of the build. We lend our expertise to help integrate the timber frame with foundation, enclosure, lighting, and utilities systems. We have strong relationships with structural engineers who specialize in timber framing, and we are able to include professional engineering review and approval in our scope of work.

  • Fabrication and On-site Install: After the design and pre-construction planning phases are complete, we fabricate the timber frame in our shop using local materials and authentic traditional timber frame methods. We always transport and erect our frames ourselves, ensuring a smooth install process.

  • Comprehensive Support: From initial design consultation to on-site erection, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful collaboration from start to finish.

  • Long-term partnership: With a reputation built over two decades in our community and online, we are often the first point of contact for clients interested in a timber frame build. We enjoy referring them to designers and builders with whom we have proven partnerships, helping them assemble a design/build team that will bring their vision to life.

    Let's Build Together

    At Goosewing Timberworks, we believe that collaboration is the key to creating extraordinary spaces. Whether you're designing a residential retreat, a commercial development, or a community gathering place, let us partner with you to bring your vision to life.

    Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can collaborate to create something exceptional.

  • Testimonials from our partners

    We've worked with Will for many years. It has been an absolute pleasure every time. In this age of supposed dying craftsmanship it has been a joy to discover another company to work with that puts craft forward as much as we do. Will is a recognized leader in the world of timber framing, and when you see his work it is very easy to understand why. 
    - Sean Flynn, founder and CEO, Silver Maple Construction, Inc., New Haven VT
    Will Gusakov, of Goosewing Timberworks, is an exceptional craftsman. I love using timber frames for the structure of our homes and barns, and Will has built a number of them for us. Will’s costs are competitive, his attention to detail and ability to design and fabricate complex frames is second to none, and his work is outstanding. On top of that, he’s a lovely person, and a dream to work with. I could not recommend him more highly.
    - Adam Ginsburg, AIA — A. Ginsburg Architects, Bristol, VT
    We've worked with Goosewing on several projects that have varied in size and style. Will is great to work with from the design stage all the way through installation. He is open to our teams input on details and execution but has the experience and confidence to make valuable recommendations to improve our product. The timber framing that Goosewing has done for us has added style and value to projects, and we'll be sure to work with Will again moving forward.
    - Kevin McClain, Smith and McClain Inc., Bristol VT