Custom Timber Frame Testimonials

“We have worked with Will for many years. It has been an absolute pleasure every time. In this age of suppsed dying craftsmanship it is a joy to find another company to work with that puts craft forward as much as we do. Will is a recognized leader in the world of timber framing, and when you see his work it is very easy to understand why." 

- Sean Flynn, founder and CEO, Silver Maple Construction, Inc., New Haven, VT

"Our experience with Will and Goosewing Timberworks was exceptional. From the earliest exploratory and design meetings to the completion of our home he was patient, helpful, friendly, and above all, professional. Will’s age belies his vast experience with wood and timber framing. Starting with an incompletely realized notion of what we were after we ended up with something far exceeding our expectations. There was no detail too fine for his attention and it shows in the final product. We would recommend Will without reservation to anyone considering a timber frame project. We also would welcome any visitors who would like to see our home as a showcase for the art of timber framing as executed by Will Gusakov.”

– David and Nancy Plotsky, Bethel, VT

"What began as a utilitarian structure to support our solar panels and shelter our cars became nothing less than a work of art next to our home. Our contractor Eric hired Will and his team to build the timber-frame structure, and after seeing the  first sketches, we knew this was something special. When raising day came, we were amazed to see the planing and the teamwork, and elated to see much more than a utilitarian structure. The timber-frame carport was styled with intention: beautiful lines, balance, and craft. During the raising, Will brought the team together working without customary power tools, fitting each beam and section with precision. It's truly the gem in our home." 

 -Marty Feldman and Diana Davidson, Ripton, VT

“Will Gusakov, of Goosewing Timberworks, is an exceptional craftsman.  I love using timber frames for the structure of our homes and barns, and Will has built a number of them for us.  Will’s costs are competitive, his attention to detail and ability to design and fabricate complex frames is second to none, and his work is outstanding.  On top of that, he’s a lovely person, and a dream to work with.  I could not recommend him more highly.”

– Adam Ginsburg, AIA — A. Ginsburg Architects, Bristol, VT

“We've worked with Goosewing on several projects that have varied in size and style.  Will is great to work with from the design stage all the way through installation.  He is open to our teams input on details and execution but has the experience and confidence to make valuable recommendations to improve our product.  The timber framing that Goosewing has done for us has added style and value to projects, and we'll be sure to work with Will again moving forward.”

- Kevin McClain, Smith and McClain Inc., Bristol VT 

"We came to Will multiple times throughout our home build to see if he would be able to help with a need. Each time, he was able to meet our needs in a timely manner, with clear communication and excellent skill and construction. It was wonderful to hire a local craftsperson / artisan for our home, and the elements that Will and Goosewing Timberworks have contributed feel so good; they hold integrity, character, and bring a real sense of place that is hard to describe in words. I would highly recommend hiring Will and Goosewing for your timberframing dreams! 

- Charlotte, VT

We have been exceedingly lucky to live inside the fineness of Will's work and to wake up every day to an appreciation of the depth of his skill. We were blessed to have him design our home as well as do some important work within and outside of the house, as only he could have done it - and so we've seen first-hand, over and over, how Will is forever marrying beauty and gracefulness with function and stability in all he takes on. The prodict he offers, therefore, is unfailingly stellar - and the good news is, so is the process. Will is clear, timely, good-natured, wears hiw knowledge and experience easily and well, and is always able to articulate helpfully whatever aspect of the process needs explaining. Though it's a total cliché to say it: we can't recommend him highly enough."

- M. and D., Lincoln VT

“Will Gusakov and the lads at Goosewing Timberworks were a pleasure to work with and built an amazing structure that will be on the land for generations. Will helped us design the project, and worked with our mason and contractor to co-ordinate the final product. The workmanship was so impressive that when the frame was put together at our place there wasn’t even a saw brought out. And then there was the fence!!! We are so happy to have found Goosewing and are always thinking of our next project to execute with them.”

– Mikel Folcarelli and John Gwynne — Sakonnet Garden, Little Compton, RI  

Will Gusakov and his crew at Goosewing Timberworks are top notch. Will was very easy to communicate with throughout what for me was a challenging first build. Without getting in to the details, suffice it to say that I had issues with my architect/builder and found myself in a full GC situation early in the process - with no real experience. Will was clear and concise about the options I had, he patiently answered myriad questions along the way, he was very collaborative when it came to working with the other trades and he delivered exactly what he said he would, on time, with no surprise costs.  Will is very professional and amiable. I am confident if I ever have questions or concerns, he will address them immediately. I am very happy with my investment and I'm looking forward to working with Goosewing Timberworks again on my next project. 

- William Brokhof

The Shinto Folly is just terrific! I could not be more pleased! It really gives the space a focus and a unique feel — just what I was looking for… It’s beautifully realized and serves the necessary practical purposes for which it was conceived… Thanks for all your good work in bringing it to fruition… 

- John Moyers, Bristol VT

Yes, yes, yes, we cannot say enough good about our experience with Will. In 2014 after we worked with Ironwood Design on the layout and elevation plans for our new barn, Will created detailed drawings and GooseWing Timberworks went to work on the frame. Our dreams for the process and the structure were far exceeded. Will and his amiable team agreed to harvest Spruce and Cherry from our land and mill it on site.  They used it for joists, posts, and rafters.  The posts and beams were all carefully hewn on site to the delight of our grandchildren. Despite the challenges of green wood, their enthusiastic efforts resulted in a beautiful building with remarkably fine joinery.  It was completed on schedule and on budget. Five years later we fondly remember the day it was raised.  We still take joy every time we look toward it, go in and inhale the still-fresh piney smell, and when we listen to smiling musicians perform inside the finely resonant soundbox that this awesome structure has proven to be.

-Fred and Judi Danforth, Lincoln VT  

We hired Will and GoosewingTimberworks to design and build a second story sleeping porch on our home.  I sent photos and measurements; Will responded promptly with a sketch that covered all the details.  I had some specific requirements which he incorporated perfectly.  When construction time arrived I marveled at the speed and smoothness of the process and how perfectly everything fit together.  Will is very polite and  available for questions; his workmanship is superb.  Waking up on a summer morning and looking up at the beams is a blessing.  I highly recommend him and his work.

- Michael Mode, New Haven VT

“The quality of craftsmanship is mind blowing. The frame dimensions were exact and the process was planned and precise. Will is so nice and easy to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “

- Lonny Edwards, Lincoln VT  

“Will Gusakov’s post-and-beam frame for our house is a beautiful example of superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The beams, created in Vermont, were erected on site in Rhode Island in a few days with a few workers, where they fitted together like a giant puzzle.  We are privileged to live inside an amazing, imposing and at the same time subtle and old fashioned work of art.  Thank-you Will!”   

- Mika Seeger and Joe Bossom, Little Compton RI