Goosewing Timberworks, LLC  practices traditional timber framing and fine carpentry.  We specialize in designing and building custom timber-framed structures, and in restoring and preserving antique buildings.

Our timber frames are authentically crafted with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, fastened with hardwood pegs.  Our experience with the analysis and restoration of historic timber structures means that we have seen what designs work (and don't work) over the centuries. This knowledge goes into the design of all of our new structures. We occasionally do other types of fine carpentry, including enclosing and doing finish work on our timber frames, the restoration of antique millwork, and custom furniture. Timber framing is a craft that has been practiced for many centuries; its methods are tried and true. Timber framed buildings still cover the Vermont landscape, despite decades or centuries of neglect. Like most traditional crafts timber framing does not require many industrial products or high-energy inputs; instead it requires the skill and time of the craftsperson, and engages local materials and tradespeople, from local forests and loggers to local sawmills and sawyers. Goosewing Timberworks is inspired by and committed to the principles of the solidarity economy; we want to make a living, not a killing. We are open to barter, sliding scale pricing, and other non-traditional exchange. Our shop in Lincoln VT is powered by the sun! We installed a solar array in 2019 that provides all the electricity for our work.